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What is the Rocky Mtn Hunter Newsletter?


We specialize in helping clients trophy hunt big game in the Western United States and the world!  We do for you what you don't have time or money to do!


We read all the proclamations, we analyse the states, we talk to the game biologists, our field staff hunts the world!

We make sure you know when to apply for all the hunts, and which areas, units and states are the best for all species of big game!



“I don't know how many times the RMHN has saved me from missing a draw deadline!  The newsletter and emails have saved me many times.  I don't have the time to check this stuff on my own.

                                                      Vern P.

“Every year I receive at least one critical piece of information that alone is worth the cost of the RMHNewsletter!.”

                                                    Simon K.

Check it out!


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